Rutford Ice Stream bed elevation DEM from radar data
We present a digital elevation model of the bed of Rutford Ice Stream, Antarctica derived from radio-echo sounding data. The data cover an 18 x 40 km area immediately upstream of the grounding line of the ice stream. This area is of particular interest because repeated seismic surveys have shown that rapid erosion and deposition of subglacial sediments has taken place. The bed topography shows a range of different subglacial landforms including mega-scale glacial lineations, drumlins and hummocks. This dataset will form a baseline survey which, when compared to future surveys, should reveal how active subglacial landscapes change over time. The dataset comprises observed ice thickness data, an interpolated bed elevation grid, observed surface elevation data and a surface elevation grid.

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2015/03/24 16:40 UTC
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2015/03/24 16:40 UTC
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2015/03/26 09:58 UTC
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2015/03/26 09:46 UTC
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2015/03/24 16:40 UTC
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2015/03/26 10:02 UTC
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2015/03/24 16:40 UTC
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