Model output from 3D calving simulations of Store Glacier, West Greenland
Todd, J. et al. "Model output from 3D calving simulations of Store Glacier, West Greenland" 2017, Polar Data Centre, Natural Environment Research Council, UK.
This dataset represents model output from 4 simulations of Store Glacier produced using the Elmer/Ice glacier model equipped with novel 3D calving subroutines. As described in the paper associated with this dataset (Todd et al., in press), the model is initialised with velocity observations and then forced with present day environmental forcing. The simulation covers a 5 year time period with no fixed dates. The model development, boundary conditions and initialisation are described in detail in Todd et al. (2018). The code constituting the 3D calving model has been made freely available via integration with the Elmer/Ice source code, available at:
NERC grant: NE/K500884/1

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2017/12/13 12:51 UTC
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