KRILLBASE: A database of Antarctic krill and salp densities in the Southern Ocean, 1926 to 2016.
Authors : Atkinson,A.; Hill S.L. et al.
KRILLBASE is a data rescue and compilation project which aims to improve the availability of information on two of the Southern Ocean's most important zooplankton taxa: Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) and salps (Family Salpidae). In 2016, the project released a database of information from 12,758 scientific net samples, collected between 1926 and 2016 by scientists from ten countries. These data, on the density of Antarctic krill and salps, provide a resource for analysing the distribution and abundance of these taxa throughout the Southern Ocean, to support ecological and biogeochemical research as well as fisheries management and conservation.

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2016/10/06 15:01 UTC
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