A bathymetric and topographic compilation of the South Sandwich Island Volcanic Arc
A bathymetric and topographic compilation of the South Sandwich Islands Volcanic Arc (55.1 S - 61.9 S, 24 W - 32 W) constructed in 2014, comprising multiple data sources. The data are available as a 200m resolution GeoTIFF grid of elevation data. The bathymetric compilation was constructed in ArcGIS 10.0 using a hierarchical system of data priority, gridded using the Topogrid function and cleaned using both manual and semi-automated methods. This was then merged with terrestrial elevations constructed from cleaned raw ASTER GDEM grids supplemented by coastlines and form-lines taken from archival sketch-maps to produce a full hypsometric elevation model. The dataset was compiled as part of the Geological Long Term Mapping and Survey component of the British Antarctic Survey and forms the basis of a map within the BAS GEOMAP 2 series

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2015/06/03 15:32 UTC
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2015/06/04 08:16 UTC
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2015/06/04 09:28 UTC
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