150 year, multi-proxy moss bank data of biological response to climate change from the Antarctic Peninsula
Amesbury, Matthew; Charman, Dan; Convey, Peter; Griffiths, Howard; Hodgson, Dominic; Roland, Tom; Royles, Jessica

The data consists of proxy data with associated ages from six moss bank cores from four locations on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Proxies included are: 13C, microbial productivity (derived from testate amoeba concentration values), mass accumulation rate and moss growth rate.

Sites are Elephant Island (core ELE3), Ardley Island (cores ARD1 and ARD3) and Green Island (cores GRE1 and GRE2).

Elephant Island (61.111 S, 54.824 W) and Ardley Island (62.213 S, 58.935 W) cores were collected in January 2012. Green Island (65.322 S, 64.151 W) cores were collected in January 2013.

Funding was provided by the NERC grants NE/H014896/1, NE/H014632/1 and NE/H014810/1.

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